Our Patrons

We are proud to have the support of our patrons, Lord Forsyth of Drumlean, Dr Mick North and Lord Robertson of Port Ellen


Mick North's daughter Sophie was one of the victims at Dunblane Primary School in March 1996. 

"There is no doubt about the importance of The Centre.  One very special message to emerge is that after a tragic event as devastating as the one that took place at our local primary school, nothing reflects better the strength and recovery of the town than the achievements of The Dunblane Centre.  It is to the credit of all those involved that as The Centre took shape, the essentials of openness, ongoing consultation and clarity of purpose remained at the heart of every step in the process.  The Centre stands on its own, a part of the community for whom it was an unconditional gift, a gift that has had the capacity to grow, its future continually being shaped by the community which uses it.  It's a community of all ages but we are delighted that the focus remains on youth and that the children and young people of Dunblane will continue to benefit for a long time."


"Out of tragedy came hope.  Out of generosity came The Dunblane Centre.  Born of global sympathy it is the future, and its 10th anniversary is a tribute to that hope.  As patrons we wish it well in its valuable role and mission and congratulate those who made it happen.

We are two politicians of different persuasions.  One of us lived in Dunblane.  The other represented the town in Parliament.  One was Secretary of State for Scotland, the other was his Shadow.

Politics in Scotland is a rough game.  Views are held with passion.  Normal restraint can be taken to the edge.  No holds are barred.  For the two of us, personal and political differences were marked.  We both led tribal forces.

After March 1996, we were changed for ever.  Fused by the events we witnessed and experienced, our immediate resolve to respond in public together, and only together, had a remarkable national effect.  We had no differences, no contrasting opinion, no competition, and political battles and argument were subordinated totally.  People locally, and much wider, noticed and it mattered and it helped.  

The Centre brings us together again.  The vitality and energy of those who run and benefit from The Centre represent the promise of the future.  Young people learn and enjoy.  They come and take part. Activities enrol talent and vitality and people leave enriched.  

Both of us have, for example, enjoyed the annual Burns Supper - run exclusively by the youngsters.  We were bowled over by the product of the efforts put in.  Poetry and song were brought to life by a new generation, tutored by committed leaders like Nancy McLaren.

The Centre has grown from just a good idea to being a means of fulfilling a clear local need.  It has also, through the insight, dynamism and dedication of the staff and supporters, become a local institution.  Its reach has inspired and energised a new generation of Dunblane youth to see a wider, more satisfying world.  That is indeed a huge achievement.

It has even had a national role.  As a venue for the public supporting Andy Murray, it has projected pride and backing for a world-famous local boy.  He is a role model to so many young people and the fact that his roots are in Dunblane and his successful career started here can encourage others to also reach for the stars.

The Dunblane Centre already helps young people to discover their talents and, who knows, with The Centre's help, there may be more Andys ready to take off.

We wish The Centre more and more success."

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

9:30am - 8:30pm  You’re very welcome to enjoy our drop-in coffee bar and Youth Area - open Mon-Fri from 9.30am

Saturday By arrangement - please call 01786 824224 to enquire
Sunday By arrangement - please call 01786 824224 to enquire
  Dunblane Youth and Sports Centre Trust, Registered charity in Scotland, number SC027397 

Stirling Rd, Dunblane FK15 9EY
Phone: 01786 824224

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