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Transform with Emma POSTPONED

When is it on?

Thursday 18:00 - 18:45



Using a step to ramp up your calorie burn, this 30-minute, music-driven, high-intensity cardio-conditioning class is specifically designed to emphasize positivity and inspiration, so you leave class feeling accomplished and ready to take on your day!


Imagine yourself feeling Powerful and Confident!


Get ready to sculpt your core, legs, glutes and upper body through the use of a step.

This isn't your old-school step aerobics - it's functional fitness that's fun!

The level of intensity is up to you. You can follow the beat of the music, slow your moves down or speed your moves up.

Plus, in addition to the flexibility with tempo, Transform offers regressions and progressions that makes this class accessible and effective for everyone!


Price: ££5
Members price: ££4