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Mondays: 6:15pm-7:15pm - Pregnancy Flows

A weekly antenatal class for the birthing individual.  Suitable from 16 weeks pregnant to birth.

This class flows through gentle practices of pregnancy yoga that will not only be able to help you deal with common pregnancy ailments, but also practice calming breathing techniques, and birth positions too! We explore the labouring journey and each week, we focus on particular parts to help deepen our understanding of our bodies, our babies and our capability to birth. In doing so, we help you to develop the confidence to trust yourself, your body and that you can birth with ease!

Each week there will also be a lovely relaxation or meditative practice that will give you time and space to chill out and bond with your baby as well as building feelings of positivity and calm to help you relax.

This class is only for the birthing individual to attend, as there is a heavy focus on creating muscle memory as we practice our movements. No other individuals can attend. This allows the space to feel safe for all those attending and helps with the building of a class community.


Mondays: 7:30pm-8:30pm - Mama Flows

A weekly postnatal class for all those who have given birth.  Suitable from 6 weeks after birth.

This amazing weekly class focuses on the recovery of the postnatal body. The class brings together gentle movements, meditative practice, acupressure points and relaxation techniques to help you reconnect with your body, understand the changes that may have occurred, and move forward embracing your new and wonderful body!

The class can be accessed in person where babes in arms are more than welcome, or online if you can't make it in. The flexible format allows you to recover and reconnect in a way that suits you and your unique family structure. You can start classes from 6 weeks after birth and continue for as long as you need them for!

The classes are for only those who have given birth and no other individuals can attend. This allows the space to feel safe for all those attending and helps with the building of a class community.


Fridays: 10am-11am - Nurturing Branches

A weekly class for 1 or 2 babies/children and their primary care giver.  The content of this unique class is guided and designed for the age and stages of the children attending. It is also the only class where siblings can come together.  Suitable for babies from around 5 months to around 4 years.

This class may have a large age range, but it is still the same calm and relaxed environment that we aim to have in all our classes! With some babies crawling, bum shuffling or walking the class structure is a bit more fluid and is aimed at the babies that are there. The songs are the same but the actions are interchangable so that everyone can get involved. It is very much be run depending on who attends so each week might be different but that just adds to the chaotic fun of the class! There will still be lots of fun songs, rhymes, stories and sounds for your baby and toddler to explore and engage with.

The older babies and toddlers will have some interesting props and toys to explore through out the class, while the younger ones will have some toys to be curious about on their mats. This means that sometimes babies and toddlers are not near their adult when we sing songs, and our focus shifts from moving their bodies to interact with the songs, to the adults doing the gestures and encouraging babies and toddlers to copy and follow.

Some time is spent in class to talk to one and other, to support each other and to continue to nurture our new parenting relationships, building and securing your tribe.

I know that for some, it is difficult to get separate childcare for little ones to attend all the baby classes so I wanted to be able to offer this mixed class. This class is still run small to ensure we are not overwhelmed and so that I can tailor the class to the needs of the children attending.

The class is priced per mat and there will be a maximum of 2 children and 1 adult per mat. 


Fridays: 11.15am-12:15am - Nurturing Blossoms

A weekly class for baby and their primary care giver.  Practice some baby yoga and sensory play as we start to focus our attention on the developmental leaps.  Suitable for babies from around 5 months to around 10 months.

As baby becomes more curious about their surroundings and the other people in the room, it highlights the need for a little more stimulus to be added to the class. Baby massage is replaced with baby yoga; a fun and song driven bonding time for you and baby. Each move helps baby's body to develop the flexibility and skills they will need as they start to become more independent.

There are some familiar songs from Nurturing Buds, and some new ones too ! We have lots more props in class to satisfy baby's curiosity and a new theme that they will discover each week. "What's in the box today" will start to become just as exciting for you as baby: or at least the song will be in your head every time you see a box!

At the same time, we still don't want to over stimulate baby so the class is crafted to have moments of excitement followed by moments of quiet. The two most prominent quiet times being our book read and my "magic bells" where baby can practice listening whilst you relax!

The need for support, information and a safe space to vent your trials and tribulations of every day parenting remains. Therefore, there is still time spent in class to talk to one and other, to support one and other and to create meaningful bonds too. The classes are now a little larger giving baby plenty of space to interact with others, and I host WhatsApp chats for every class to allow you to chat and ask me questions between classes.

Fridays: 12.30pm-1:30pm - Nurturing Buds

A weekly class for baby and their primary care giver.  Explore baby massage and some gentle sensory play as we learn about our fourth trimester baby.  Suitable for babies from 6 weeks to around 5 months.

This class is designed to be attended by baby and one of their primary caregivers. It is a quiet, low stimulus space for you to bond with your baby, which is perfect for the developmental needs of baby in these first few months.

4th trimester babies don't need lots of flashing lights, loud music and lots of other gimmicks; they simply need you. So the class focuses in on creating bonds through touch such as baby massage, gentle songs that help baby grow early skills such as visual tracking, and time and space for you.

I know that at this stage what you need is support, information and sometimes just a safe space to vent your trials and tribulations of everyday parenting. Some time is spent in every class to talk to one another, to support one another and to create meaningful and lasting bonds with the others attending the class. The classes are also kept small to help you build these bonds, and I host WhatsApp chats for every class to allow these bonds to continue to grow outside the class too.

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